Why Use Cell Phone Parental Controls?

I visited my favorite blog site this weekend and read a blog on cell phone parental controls and like you, I wondered are they really necessary? I went through the whole article and was interested in the subject nevertheless so I decided to give it a try and read some more articles and reviews on the Web. No doubt, I was tempted. My son was whining to have a Smartphone on his 17th birthday and I thought it might come handy.

Initially, I had a blind faith on my kids, they were good at school and I approved all their friends too. So, frankly I just got tempted and had no clear motif of using any cell phone parental software like android spy. Thus, when I gifted my son a Smartphone on his birthday, I secretly installed a mobile phone tracking software on the phone. But the whole idea just slipped my mind as I got busy with my work.

Then one evening when I was relaxing, I thought of signing in my account on the web portal of my child monitoring spyware. For the next three hours, I could not take my eyes off from what I saw. There was an extremely articulated and detailed record of my son’s phone calls, his SMSs and recordings of his conversations. Some of the SMSs were sent to a drug dealer. Instantly, I knew what to do, I activated the trigger alert feature on the child spying software so next time, I will be alerted via text message or e-mail when he contacts that dealer.

My trust had clearly vanished in a matter of seconds and I wanted to know more. I checked his web history and was shocked to know that on the weekends, he was letting himself indulged in some obnoxious sites. With the help of the cell phone parental control software, I restricted those sites immediately.

I had a good look at his photo albums and videos to know what kind of parties he goes to and what are his activities there.

I could no longer take risks. I activated geo-location tracking on his Smartphone so I keep a private eye on his whereabouts. I marked the address of that drug dealer so that if my son ever goes anywhere near that place, I would know what to do.

I have promised my daughter a Smartphone if she gets good grades and you have a good reason to think why! I would also recommend all the parents not to trust their kids blindly!

It is the responsibility of each and every parent to keep an eye on their kids.


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