Plan Your Trips Through Tripl App!!

Tripl app is a social travel planning app. Unlike all other traveling apps such as, foursquare and Google maps, tripl connects people rather than places. It helps to interact with people living closer to you. Tripl app shows people who uses tripl around you. It also allows you to share feelings and interests with other who have same feelings and personalities. Tripl app is the amazing app which let you know about all the places where your friends are traveling. It is easy to use and very compatible for the user. Tripl app connects people who love to travel and it also share interesting feelings of all travelers.

It feels like a whole new enriched app with social attachments. It socially connects all people with their facebook sign ups. You can share your pictures, comments and check in’s on tripl. You can also share your check in on instagram, foursquare and facebook. It is a very useful application. Recently, my friend took a trip to Pakistan K-2 base camp. He was connected with tripl throughout his extraordinary trip. I was connected with his profile and could see all the amazing adventures he experienced just because of the amazing app. I could see the pictures and comment on the updates of my friend.

Tripl app connects with the Facebook login. I am always connected with this app. It gives me all information about my friends and their travelling experience. It is very easy to use. I check in every time where ever I go. Tripl was first launch in 2012, now, they have launched more specialized version of tripl. Many bugs are fixed which make it more efficient. It is a fun loving app. It gives a remarkable travelling experience. It is the most favorable app for all travel lovers.

It also inspires you to travel to exotic places where your friends have been already. You can learn from their experience. You should download it in your smart phone at once because it will connect all other social networking websites and apps in this one app. Tripl app allows you to tag your friends with you. tripl app is an extraordinary app of checking in  all those places where you go. You can upload the pictures with your friends you take on your hangouts. It combines all posts from Facebook, twitter, flicker, tumbler and instagram and gives a comprehensive picture of all your social updates along with your friends’ updates.  Tripl app is an ideal app for all smart phones. It is not available for old android versions though it is available for jellybean and ice cream sandwich too. Along with androids it was invented for IOS operating systems at first. So it is must download for your Iphone, Ipad and apple tablets.

 It has travel log. This displays all the spots which your friends travel. Along with this, at the lower end it has comment thread, like icon and tag option. It also shows the name of the place and the date on which your friend was been there. It is an amazing app.

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