Download The Best Spy Application And Monitor Your Kids

Take care of the children has become a challenge for the parents in this life. On one side, they are working hard to maintain a social and financial status and on the other hand, they are worried about their future in this technological era. That’s why they are loading their school-going children with the new gadgets of communication those are Smartphones. The usage of everything leads to decide whether it is good or bad. Children can use the Smartphone in positive manners whereas they may go astray from the right path too. Manual check on the mobile phone’s activities of the children is not possible now but to avert the damage parental monitoring software can be used.

It’s very easy to download any software from the internet. Many companies are available on the same data hub who are offering free parental control software but not reliable services. Instead, go for services such as android monitoring applications that offer parental control features along as well and have a reliable name in the market.

Many of my friends use Mobile Spy, Spyera and the Android spy to monitor their children. Seeing them I decided to purchase a service for mine too… I got Android spy.

Initially, I purchased a three month package to monitor my 16 years daughter. I installed the application in the daughter’s mobile following an easy procedure and later on, I was given a web interface that was user friendly. Since then, I have been getting the benefits of these features of the parental control software.

  • I know about all the contact details of my daughter’s mobile.
  • Without her knowing about it, I can easily view all the incoming and outgoing calls of her cell phone.
  • Due to the ‘call recording’ feature of the software, I can hear each and every call that my daughter receives or makes.
  • I can go through all the received and sent text messages of her cell phone.
  • I can check websites she visits and read her emails with ease.
  • Through the given interface, I can access all the audio , video and photo folders of my daughter’ cell.
  • With the help of GPS tracking feature, I check the location of my daughter that really gives me a satisfaction that I know where my child is.
  • I draw a security fence around the position of my daughter on the web map, daily, when I drop her to school. Whenever she crosses that fence, I get a text message alert about the incident.

It is a helpful tool if you want to know about your kids’ activities without being noticed. My friends love it…I love it and would recommend others to download a parental control software in their kids’ phones and stay informed on them.


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