Sony Xperia Z versus Samsung Galaxy S4

Both of the smart phones have similar shapes and a 5 inch screen. But what makes Galaxy S4 able to compete with Xperia Z, the first Smart phone of this year?

The Design

Xperia Z has a very serious, box shaped look while S4 has a cute, pebbled shaped outline. What makes the choice easier between the two is that Galaxy S4 is mainly plastic while Xperia Z comes with almost glass which is resistant against water and dust. Xperia z is about 15 grams heavier than S4 but both have the same thin body of 7.9 mm. Xperia Z wins in the matter of the design when it comes in comparison to S4 due to its superior build up.

Screen Display

The both have very little difference as S4 comes with pretty high definition while Xperia Z has more pixels. S4 has more sharpness, brightness and colours to its display while Xperia Z gives a comfortable natural view.

Processor and Performance

Xperia Z has an impressive 1.5 GHz Snapdragon while S4 beats it up with quad core processor as was found in Nexus 4. Both have the same RAM of 2 GB. On paper, S4 seems to win the race but according to the customers’ opinion, Xperia Z does not hang up and so Xperia Z wins the vote in this matter.


Sony has provided only 16 GB to Xperia Z while S4 comes in 16 GB, 32 GB and 64 GB models but the 16 GB model of S4 is the only one available in the market. Both of them have an external memory slot but Xperia Z has a limit of supporting a 32 GB while S4 goes up to 64 GB. S4’s half of the internal memory is taken up by itself, meaning that only 8 GB is available for the customers’ use. As only 16 GB model is available as yet so Xperia Z wins the race.


In terms of camera, both of them have a rear camera of 13 Mp with image quality oh Full HD 1080p. Galaxy S4 has a front camera of 2 Mp. On the other hand; Xperia Z has a camera of 2.2 Mp. Both feature the video shoot of 1080p quality video.


S4 and Xperia Z both have the Android OS Jelly Bean but Xperia Z has the 4.1.2 version and S4 has the 4.2.2 version. The greater difference is that Xperia Z has vanilla Android for user interface while S4 having the TouchWiz; an interface with greater variety of software features.

The taste in interface is everyone’s own choice but S4 does not allow any changes in its original OS and interface and also consumes a lot of memory.


Xperia Z has a non removable battery while Galaxy S4 has a larger, removable battery. Samsung’s product has an advantage over Sony’s in this line.

SO to conclude, everyone has their own choice and preferences but Xperia Z has more advantages than S4.

This article is written by Zaira Muzaffar. She is working for AmeriCord. AmeriCord is leading power cords maker in USA.


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