Storytellers – Now Watch The Stories You Engrave!

Reading a book is quite boring for some people while watching movies is a better option that mostly people go for, because most of the people consider this as a relaxing activity, and while relaxing they don’t want to visualize, as an alternative they consider watching as a more comforting technique. Similarly, many times when a writer is writing a story, he/she writes in a manner that the reader can imagine the story the way he has done it. They do not want the readers to misunderstand the content instead visualize the scenarios in the similar way as the writer wants to how you. Thus, here is ‘Amazon storyteller’ for all of those writers, making their work much easier with amplified interest.

You must be thinking that what is Amazon storyteller, and how it makes you write in a better way. It is just a new simple online facility that enables you to do this. It offers you to have a complete look at what will the end product appear to be. It is for free, and one can view the whole summary of the book he/she is writing, this can also the writer or author to view things in a better way, and amend the story according to it, giving him the pleasure of visual storytelling, as this online tool will make a storyboard for the writer.

It gives the immense pleasure to view the locations or background appearance of the scenes, as described in the story, because the Amazon storyteller reads the description and then select the pictures for it via library which is internally stored within it. Similarly, portraying the characters that how they are dressed and how they do look like, the in-house collection of props, characters, and background is quite vast, and can accommodate any kind of scenarios. Along with this, the screenplay writer is free to change the pictures of characters if he/she doesn’t like the library ones, and wants to insert any other picture instead, which is again a benefit for the writer.

By using this tool, the story writers can also change the scenes, characters, background description in order to enliven the film or movie. They can make changes to the storyboard which appears at the end, according to their own requirements for free. They can alter the facial expressions of the people who are acting, crop the scenes, include different back lot for different scenes, giving a new look for the viewer so that one does not get bored of the same backlot throughout the movie, altering the props and many other stuff can also improve the movie.

Last but not the least, writers can now publish the movie on Amazon’s platform by Amazon studios, which will be helpful for the writer to know the pros and cons of the story, they can easily comment and give you a better idea of their thoughts about it, helping you to improve the weaker areas, and making you a professional writer.

This article is written by Farwa Omair. She is working for CEC Logics. CEC Logics is seo services utah based company.


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